Information for anyone interested in employment in Dining Services.

    Dining Services is taking applications for employment in several different areas  - Dalton Dining Hall, New River Grill House, Catering, Au Bon Pain, PinkBerry, Papa Johns Pizza, Wendy's and Au Bon Pain (Library Cafe ), Chick-Fil-A, Austin Grill, Wild Greens, Starbucks and Outtakes in COBE.. Positions available include kitchen, prep, customer service, shift and shop supervisors. The hours and days of operation vary from unit to unit. We have provided the following form so potential  employees and unit managers can establish contact with each other, especially before the start of the Fall semester. This form is not intended as a substitute for the official application for employment that every individual must complete before working at any of our locations. While we accept applications throughout the academic year it is especially crucial to have as many open positions as possible filled before school begins. Student employees will need to provide us with a class schedule.
*****We participate in the E-Verify employment verification system*****

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All online applications are automatically forwarded to every manager involved in hiring for Dining Services.
You do not need to submit a separate application  for each unit.
Hard copy (paper) applications are available in the main office. They are scanned and emailed to the same managers the online applications are forwarded.

If you have an area you would prefer please indicate below
No Preference       New River Grill House      ABP Library Cafe

Papa Johns           Austin Grill                 Pinkberry

Chick-Fil-A            Dalton Hall                 Au Bon Pain

Catering               Starbucks                    Wendys

Office                      Wild Greens               Outtakes (COBE)

Any additional information you would like us to consider:

Please give us an overview of your availability (i.e. "8 am to 11 am, 4 pm to closing").
Student applicants need to take their class schedule into consideration when listing availability.


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The information requested above is used by Compass Group only to maintain records required by employers doing business with the Federal Government.You do not have to answer these questions to be considered for employment with Compass Group. If you do choose to answer these questions, any information supplied by you on this voluntary supplement will not affect your employment opportunities with Compass Group, which is an equal employment opportunity employer.


********This information will be kept separate from you application and will not be used in making hiring decisions.********



You may contact Dining services at 540 831 5351.
Revised: 10/20/14.